2011/02 Bicycle Sauna Kolonok
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2011/02 Bicycle Sauna Kolonok

Bicycle sauna


In Prague cycling is a hobby of dedicated cyclists who have to prove constantly that they are spirited enough to adopt this non-standard way of transportation around the city.


For all those who are not worried to ride their bikes, we have created a sauna that can be attached to a bike and dragged to a river or lake.


Structural design and materials are functional in maximum possible way. With respect to the necessary comfort, dimensions are minimal. The materials used are light and durable. The front tilt is in a way reference to the legendary Velorex three-wheeler. The sauna has capacity of up to six people.


It wouldn’t have been possible to create our sauna without reliance, generosity and effort of a number of people. Thank you all very much! This sauna is available for everyone. If you feel like trying it out visit http://www.bajkazyl.cz/